2024 Zakat Nisab in Pakistan: Impact on Wealthy and Poor

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam that requires Muslims to pay a certain percentage of their wealth to the needy and poor. In Pakistan, Zakat is a mandatory tax imposed on Muslims who have a minimum threshold of wealth, known as the Zakat Nisab. This threshold is determined by the government and is adjusted every year to keep up with inflation.

In 2024, the Zakat Nisab in Pakistan is expected to increase significantly. This means that more Muslims will be required to pay Zakat, and those who were already paying will have to pay a higher amount. The impact of this increase will be felt differently by the wealthy and by the poor.

For the wealthy, the increase in Zakat Nisab will mean that they will have to pay a higher amount of Zakat. This could result in a significant reduction in their wealth, which would affect their lifestyle and assets. However, the wealthy will still have a comfortable life as they are not likely to experience a financial crisis because of the increase in Zakat Nisab.

Zakat Nisab 2024 Pakistan

On the other hand, the increase in the Zakat Nisab will have a positive impact on the poor because more people will be contributing to Zakat funds. The funds collected from Zakat are used to offer financial assistance to the less fortunate, including the elderly, the disabled, and those who live in poverty. With more Muslims paying Zakat, there will be more money available to uplift the disadvantaged and support their needs.

Zakat Nisab 2024 state bank of Pakistan

It should be noted that the government plays a crucial role in the collection and distribution of Zakat. The funds must be collected and distributed correctly, transparently, and efficiently to ensure that they reach the intended recipients. With this in mind, it is essential that the Pakistani government makes every effort to collect Zakat funds fairly and transparently, and then distribute them to those in need without any discrimination.

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Current Nisab Value (2024)

Silver Nisab (612.36g):
PKR 133601  |  £373 |  $478 |  C$643

Gold Nisab (87.48g):
PKR 1696565  |  £4732 |  $6070 |  C$8162


The increase in Zakat Nisab in Pakistan in 2024 will have a significant impact on both the wealthy and the poor. While the wealthy will have to pay a higher amount of Zakat, it is the poor who will benefit from the increase as the funds collected will be used to support their needs. It is crucial for the government to play its part in collecting and distributing Zakat in a transparent manner to ensure that the funds reach the intended recipients and are used effectively.

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