Muslim Baby Names

Muslim Names with Beautiful Meanings for Your Baby

Muslim baby names are significant as they carry deep meaning based on virtues and qualities mentioned in the Quran that parents hope their children will possess. A baby’s name is their identity, and Muslim names have a profound influence on the child’s personality and their journey through life.

The Quranic Arabic names are popular in Muslim families. These names have their roots in Islamic history and culture. Many Muslim names come from the prophets, companions of the Prophet Muhammad, and Islamic scholars. The names are chosen based on the meaning, positive qualities, and virtues associated with them.

Muslim baby names





Inspiring Muslim Baby Names for Your Little Miracle

Muslim baby names for boys often revolve around the virtuous deeds of the Prophet Muhammad, like Ali, Hassan, Hussein, and Omar. The names are famous for their strength, leadership qualities, and piety. Names like Abdullah, Ahmad, and Muhammad are also popular, as they all have a direct connection with the Prophet.

Muslim babies’ names for girls often focus on the qualities of modesty and grace, such as Aisha, Fatima, Khadija, and Zainab. These names represent women of high aspirations and values, belief in Allah, and respect for their family and society.

Unique Muslim Names That Are Perfect for Your Little One

Both Muslim baby boys and girls get given names relating to Islamic virtues, such as Aarif, which means knowledgeable, and Hafiz, which means protector. Other popular Muslim baby names are Adnan, meaning one who is settled, and Ehsan, meaning perfection.

Muslim baby names also have numerological significance. In Muslim culture, the baby’s name is selected based on numerology as each number in Islam is believed to have a specific meaning. The numerology behind the name is believed to influence the child’s destiny.

Exploring the Rich History of Muslim Baby Names

In addition, the meaning and significance of a Muslim baby’s name can also influence their personality traits. Names like Basira or Zakiyah mean wisdom and purity, respectively, while names like Hasan or Malik mean handsome and king.

Naming a newborn baby is a significant event in Muslim families. The holy book of Islam, the Quran, encourages parents to select names that represent the virtues of Islam and to choose a name that has a good meaning. Muslim baby names have deep-rooted religious and cultural significance and often carry a message that can guide them throughout their lives.

Boy Names

SaadFelicity. Good Fortune. Good Luck.
JunaidA Sufi Saint, Spiritual, Young Fighter, Warrior
DanishKnowledge, Wisdom, Consciousness, Intellect
SameerJovial, Beneficial, Entertaining Companion, Good Friend
MaazBrave Man, Refuge, Shelter, Companion Of Prophet
HaiderLion, Virtuous, Fortunate, Brave Man
AmmarLong-Lived, God-Fearing, Pious
KabirGreat, Aged, Senior, Venerable, Reverend, Respected
ShahzainBrave, Good Adornment & Skillful
NihalRomantic, Joyful, Newly Planted tree, young tree

Girl Names

ArishaThrone, To Build, Highness
SabaMorning breeze, Spring breeze, Zephyr
MehwishMoon, Beautiful, Pretty, Moon Face
Manahilfountain, spring, Spring of fresh water
AaimaLeader, Ruler, Superior
AbeerScent, Perfume, Fragrance
NooraVariant Of Nura: Light.