Benice Mini Slimming Massager Machine Vibration Slimming Weight Loss Belt


  • The unique vibration massage function, helps blood circulation, muscle symmetry
  • to provide health have an important role to three functions: fitness, detoxification, massage
  • compact, easy to carry, can be used anytime, anywhere
  • body parts can be used, abdomen, shoulders, waist, hips, thighs and other effects plus
  • user-friendly design, simple operation, easy to use
  • 100-240V power common in the world

Benice Mini Slimming Massager Machine Vibration Slimming Weight Loss Belt

You can feel your body lose subcutaneous fat layers and cellulite after 4 weeks by using the device twice a day for 3 minutes on each part of your body. The vibration of this device provides massage effects like the traditional hand massage in order to enhance your blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. Also, it stimulates each body cell with strong motion to dissolve subcutaneous fat layer and cellulite. The intensive stimulation effects are definite benefits for weight loss.
The modules on the device increase the skin’s elasticity by intensively stimulating the treated area, and it firms your body by decomposing excess body fat. The device stimulates your peripheral blood vessels, which improves your blood circulation and metabolism by accelerating waste discharge. The device also relieves swelling and tense muscles.
This device helps to reshape, contour, firm, and tone areas of your face, legs, arms, hips and buttocks. It is a painless product that helps break down fat cells in order to provide a slimming effect. The vibration of the device provides a gentle massage, which increases blood circulation to nourish and oxygenate tissue, renewing your skin. It provides you with a youthful appearance by helping your skin to relax from daily stress. This device is designed to provide gentle massages and de-stress your muscles in order to achieve skin rejuvenation. It is a time saving and money saving device so you can enjoy the convenience of professional results in the privacy of your home.


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