FRIZPY Advertising & Marketing SMD price in Pakistan


FRIZPY Advertising & Marketing SMD

Frizpy is backed by an experience of 55 years in Advertizing & Marketing field. Recently it started selling SMDs. SMDs is the most contemporary medium of advertizement. Its is being introduced from small to Large investors on pan Pakistan level. Frizpy sell SMDs with a unique business plan ie. with a purchase of an SMD in Rs. 600,000/- one can earn up to 2,400,000/- in 4 years.

We are a group of curious minds, driven to create and develop compelling experiences. We conceive and design engagements that spark interest and influence behavior. We strategize, we plan, we execute!


FRIZPY Advertising & Marketing is a Marketing agency located at Office No MZ4, Al-Hafeez Hights, Block D1 Block D 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Lahore, Punjab  PK.


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