Magnetic Eyelashes With Glue Eyeliner Price in Pakistan


  • Set of 3 and Set of 5 Magnetic lashes are available
  • Apply magnetic eyeliner.
  • Put on the eyelashes in the correct position
  • Wait 3-4 minutes for the eyeliner to dry naturally.
  • Slightly adjusted and successfully worn.
  • The texture of the eyeliner is fine and smooth, natural and beautiful.
  • It can be used in liquids or as a dual purpose. It can effectively absorb magnet-like eyelashes, or it can be used as an eyeliner for makeup alone.
  • No need for eyelash glue, easy to use. It remains intact throughout the day and it is easy to remove and relocate.
  • Make-up is quick and easier to wear and adjust the angle.
  • Using five magnetic technology, the adsorption is firmer.
  • Waterproof, sweatproof, long-lasting makeup, will not stain.

Pack Of Magnetic Eyelashes With Glue Eyeliner

Product details of Set of 3/5 Magnetic Eyelash With Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner & Tweezer Eyelash


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