Mini Air Conditioning Cooling Fan Multifunction Usb


  • The extremely compact and lightweight air includes an economical and perfect cooling system, which is suitable for patients with allergies and respiratory disorders, because it can better balance natural moisture and prevent air drying.
  • If you want to leave more ice, add water ice or the ice stone beside Agua, you can also filter it out, and then put it into the freezer. After freezing, insert it into the air, and the air will be colder.
  • Perfume or essence can be added as long as it is diluted in water.
  • It is very suitable for cooling personal rooms, offices, kitchens, reading rooms, and camping.
    Just put a small amount of water in your tank. Automatically, your system starts a process of evaporating water, contacting with hot air, and cooling time! In addition, your internal filter can retain impurities, providing you with the air purifier you need!
  • The air is easy to carry and is ideal for use on desks, bedrooms and even kitchen countertops. It even includes three levels of ventilation, allowing you to choose the ideal intensity at every moment of the dayImageImageImage

Mini Air Conditioning Cooling Fan Multifunction Usb New Household Portable Air Conditioner Humidifier Strong Wind | Protable Fan | Portable Air Cooler (random Color)


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