Mosquito Killer Lamp Price in Pakistan

Original price was: ₨3,000.00.Current price is: ₨2,000.00.

Specifications :

  • Item Name : Mosquito killer Lamps
  • Color: white
  • Material: ABS
  • Power interface :USB
  • Rated power: 5W
  • Power supply: DC 5V-1A
  • Colour Black
  • Style Portable
  • Number of Pieces 1
  • Is Electric Yes
  • Target Species Gnat
  • Item Dimensions W 12.5 x H 21.8 cm
  • Weight 440g

Product Features:

  1. UV lamp and suction fan: Adopted physical principle, special ultraviolet LED attracts mosquito, and this device encloses the mosquitos inside until death.
  2. SAFE AND HEALTHY: Use the fan vortex to inhale the mosquito and make them impossible to escape, without any harmless, nontoxic chemical composition, recommended for pregnant women and children
  3. Very quiet device: Fight mosquitoes easily! The insecticide works silently (<35 dB) and can offer absolute tranquility.
  4. Wide coverage area: This mosquito repellent lamp can cover a surface of 20-45 square meters, just plug the USB cable to turn on the device, no setting need apply.Ideal for home or camping.
  5. Easy to use and clean: Easy operation and charging with USB cable; Removable collection tray for hygienic and easy cleaning.

Mosquito Killer Lamp Price in Pakistan

Mosquitoes are a common nuisance in Pakistan, especially during the summer season. Their presence not only leads to itchy bites but also poses health risks due to the diseases they can transmit. To combat this issue, many individuals and households are turning to mosquito killer lamps as an effective solution. In this article, we will explore the benefits of these lamps and provide insights into their prices in Pakistan.

The Importance of Mosquito Killer Lamps

Mosquito killer lamps, also known as mosquito traps or zappers, have gained popularity in recent years for their ability to efficiently reduce mosquito populations without the need for harmful chemicals. These devices work by attracting mosquitoes using ultraviolet (UV) light and then trapping or electrocuting them. Here are some key benefits of using mosquito killer lamps:

  1. Chemical-Free: Unlike traditional mosquito repellents, these lamps do not rely on chemicals or sprays, making them a safe and eco-friendly option for mosquito control.
  2. Effective: Mosquito killer lamps are highly effective in attracting and trapping mosquitoes, reducing their presence in your living spaces.
  3. Low Maintenance: These devices require minimal maintenance, primarily consisting of periodic cleaning of the trap or replacing the UV bulbs.
  4. 24/7 Protection: You can keep mosquito killer lamps on throughout the night, ensuring continuous protection against mosquitoes while you sleep.

Mosquito Killer Lamp Prices in Pakistan

Now, let’s dive into the prices of mosquito killer lamps in Pakistan. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the brand, features, and where you purchase them.

  1. Basic Models: Entry-level mosquito killer lamps can be found in the range of PKR 1,500 to PKR 3,000. These models usually offer simple functionality with a small coverage area, making them suitable for smaller rooms or areas.
  2. Mid-Range Models: Mid-range mosquito killer lamps, with enhanced features such as larger coverage areas and more advanced trapping mechanisms, typically range from PKR 3,000 to PKR 6,000.
  3. High-End Models: If you’re looking for top-of-the-line mosquito killer lamps with features like smart connectivity, higher coverage, and superior build quality, you can expect to pay between PKR 6,000 to PKR 10,000 or more.
  4. Outdoor Models: Some mosquito killer lamps are designed specifically for outdoor use, such as gardens and patios. These models may have a broader coverage area and cost between PKR 4,000 to PKR 8,000.
  5. Replacement Bulbs: It’s essential to factor in the cost of replacement UV bulbs, which can range from PKR 500 to PKR 1,500, depending on the brand and type.

Where to Buy Mosquito Killer Lamps in Pakistan

You can find mosquito killer lamps in various retail outlets across Pakistan, including electronics stores, home appliance shops, and online marketplaces. Popular e-commerce platforms like offer a wide range of options with the convenience of home delivery.


Mosquito killer lamps have become a popular choice for mosquito control in Pakistan due to their effectiveness and eco-friendly nature. While prices may vary depending on the model and features, investing in a quality mosquito killer lamp is a worthwhile step to ensure a mosquito-free and comfortable living environment. Remember that the price you pay for the lamp is a small investment compared to the peace of mind and protection it provides against mosquito-borne diseases. So, make an informed choice and enjoy a mosquito-free summer in Pakistan.


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