REMINGTON Hair Crimper and Waver price in Pakistan


REMINGTON Hair Crimper & Waver

  • Different temperature settings
  • The diode indicates the readiness of the device
  • High temperature settings 150 ° C – 220 ° C
  • Wide plates for faster styling
  • Fast, 30-second warm-up and immediate readiness
  • Automatic shutdown after 60 minutes
  • Lock for storage
  • Universal voltage
  • Heat-resistant mat
  • Rotating cable

REMINGTON Hair Crimper & Waver

REMINGTON Hair Crimper & Waver promises to revolutionize your hairstyling routine with its innovative design and advanced features. As a dedicated enthusiast of beauty tools, I was intrigued to test out this product and share my insights in this detailed review.


  1. Dual Functionality: This versatile tool acts as both a hair crimper and a waver, offering users the flexibility to create a variety of hairstyles with ease.
  2. Ceramic Technology: Equipped with advanced ceramic plates, the REMINGTON Hair Crimper & Waver ensures even heat distribution, resulting in consistent and long-lasting waves or crimps.
  3. Adjustable Heat Settings: With multiple heat settings ranging from 300°F to 450°F, this device caters to different hair types and styling preferences, allowing for customized results without compromising hair health.
  4. Rapid Heat-Up: The quick heat-up feature enables users to start styling within minutes, saving valuable time during busy mornings or last-minute touch-ups.
  5. Swivel Cord: The 360-degree swivel cord enhances maneuverability, preventing tangling and allowing for seamless styling from any angle.

How to Use:

  1. Start by plugging in the device and selecting the desired heat setting based on your hair type and styling preferences.
  2. Allow the crimper/waver to heat up to the chosen temperature.
  3. Section your hair and clamp small sections between the ceramic plates, holding for a few seconds to create defined waves or crimps.
  4. Continue styling each section until your desired look is achieved, working your way around your head.
  5. Once finished, allow the device to cool down before storing it away safely.


  1. Versatility: The ability to switch between crimping and waving offers endless styling possibilities, allowing users to experiment with various looks effortlessly.
  2. Professional Results: The ceramic plates ensure consistent heat distribution, resulting in salon-quality waves or crimps that last throughout the day.
  3. Time-Saving: The rapid heat-up feature and efficient styling process enable users to achieve desired hairstyles quickly, making it ideal for individuals with busy schedules.
  4. Hair Health: The adjustable heat settings prevent excessive heat damage, promoting healthier-looking hair with each use.
  5. Convenience: The lightweight and compact design, along with the swivel cord, make this device travel-friendly and easy to use anywhere, anytime.

The REMINGTON Hair Crimper & Waver surpasses expectations with its innovative design, advanced features, and exceptional performance. Whether you’re looking to add texture to your hair or create effortless beach waves, this versatile tool delivers professional results with minimal effort. Its durable construction, customizable heat settings, and user-friendly design make it a must-have addition to any beauty arsenal. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair and hello to effortless waves with the REMINGTON Hair Crimper & Waver.


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