Stainless Steel Lunch Box Price in Pakistan


  • Reusable, airtight lunch box food prep containers made of food grade.
  • BPA- FREE materials keep your meals fresh and mess free by preventing any spills leaks or smells in your bag.
  • This 3 Compartments Stainless Steel tray is removable, can be cleaned up easily in the dishwasher.
  • These meal prep containers are leak-proof, thanks to the washable silicone ring and sturdy lids that snap-shut firmly.
  • 3 compartments can fully accommodate the nutritional needs for children’s school lunch
  • Stainless Steel Lunch Box for Kids, Tiffin Box, Lunch Box with Spoon and Fork, Lunch Box for Kids, Lunch Box, Lunch Box for Office Women and Men,
  • Easy to carry containers along with bag. You can keep these containers altogether safely in bag.
  • Easy to clean and best in class lunch box range online.
  • Thermal Technology – The built-in water injection feature makes it easy to heat or cool. Simply add hot or cold water into the bottom basin before breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The bottom bowl is made of food grade PP and can also be used to hold fruits or salads. The lunch box itself does not have a long-term heat preservation effect, it needs to be added with hot water to achieve heat preservation, and the heat preservation time is about 1 hour.
  • This Lunch Box is made using only the best quality materials that are European Food Grade Virgin raw materials and following the most stringent of international standards.
  • Ideal for office executives and college students, unique tight and spill proof containers that keep food and beverage fresh and crisp for hours. The containers have air tight lids. This will prevent moisture from damaging your cooked food. These lids are also leak-proof so your food will not come out from the container even if it’s semi-liquid. And come with a steel spoon & fork.

Stainless Steel Lunch Box Premium | Lunch Boxes With Removable Inner Plate Reusable For Adults, Kids Leakproof Reusable Microwave Freezer Safe (Random Color)


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