Ramadan calendar Karachi sehar aftar timing 2024

ramadan calendar karachi sehar aftar timing
ramadan calendar karachi sehar aftar timing

As the blessed month of Ramadan approaches, residents of Karachi eagerly anticipate the spiritual journey it brings. In 2024, Ramadan holds even more significance, and with our detailed calendar, you can navigate this sacred time with ease.

Understanding Ramadan: Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community. In Karachi, the spirit of Ramadan is palpable, with mosques bustling with worshippers, and streets adorned with vibrant decorations.

Ramadan Calendar Karachi 2024:

Our Ramadan calendar for Karachi 2024 provides essential information to help you organize your month effectively. From Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) to Iftar (breaking of the fast), we’ve got you covered with accurate timings and dates. Stay updated on Taraweeh prayers, special events, and community gatherings throughout the month.

Prayer Timings: Never miss a prayer with our detailed schedule of prayer timings for Karachi during Ramadan 2024. Whether you’re in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Defence, or Saddar, our calendar ensures you stay connected to your spiritual obligations.

Dates and Events: Discover the significance of Laylat al-Qadr, the Night of Power, and plan your observance accordingly. Explore community iftars, charity drives, and special lectures happening across Karachi during Ramadan. With our calendar as your guide, you can make the most of this blessed month.

Ramadan calendar karachi 2024 pdf download

DayDateSehri Time Today (Sunni)Iftar Time Today (Sunni)Sehri Time Today (Jaferia)Iftar Time Today (Jaferia)
112 March 20245:28 AM6:40 PM05:17 AM06:51 PM
213 March 20245:27 AM6:40 PM05:16 AM06:51 PM
314 March 20245:26 AM6:41 PM05:15 AM06:51 PM
415 March 20245:24 AM6:41 PM05:14 AM06:52 PM
516 March 20245:23 AM6:42 PM05:13 AM06:52 PM
617 March 20245:22 AM6:42 PM05:12 AM06:53 PM
718 March 20245:21 AM6:42 PM05:11 AM06:53 PM
819 March 20245:20 AM6:43 PM05:10 AM06:54 PM
920 March 20245:19 AM6:43 PM05:09 AM06:54 PM
1021 March 20245:18 AM6:44 PM05:08 AM06:55 PM
1122 March 20245:17 AM6:44 PM05:07 AM06:55 PM
1223 March 20245:16 AM6:45 PM05:05 AM06:55 PM
1324 March 20245:15 AM6:45 PM05:04 AM06:56 PM
1425 March 20245:14 AM6:45 PM05:03 AM06:56 PM
1526 March 20245:13 AM6:46 PM05:02 AM06:57 PM
1627 March 20245:11 AM6:46 PM05:01 AM06:57 PM
1728 March 20245:10 AM6:47 PM05:00 AM06:58 PM
1829 March 20245:09 AM6:47 PM04:59 AM06:58 PM
1930 March 20245:08 AM6:48 PM04:58 AM06:58 PM
2031 March 20245:07 AM6:48 PM04:57 AM06:59 PM
2101 April 20245:06 AM6:48 PM04:55 AM06:59 PM
2202 April 20245:05 AM6:49 PM04:54 AM07:00 PM
2303 April 20245:04 AM6:49 PM04:53 AM07:00 PM
2404 April 20245:03 AM6:50 PM04:52 AM07:01 PM
2505 April 20245:01 AM6:50 PM04:51 AM07:01 PM
2606 April 20245:00 AM6:51 PM04:50 AM07:01 PM
2707 April 20244:59 AM6:51 PM04:49 AM07:02 PM
2808 April 20244:58 AM6:51 PM04:48 AM07:02 PM
2909 April 20244:57 AM6:52 PM04:47 AM07:03 PM
3010 April 20244:56 AM6:52 PM04:45 AM07:03 PM

Community Spirit: Ramadan is not just about personal reflection but also about fostering community bonds. Join hands with fellow Karachiites in charitable initiatives, volunteer work, and spreading kindness and compassion throughout the month.

Conclusion: Embrace the spirit of Ramadan in Karachi 2024 with our comprehensive calendar. Stay informed, connected, and inspired as you embark on this spiritual journey. Let this month be a time of growth, gratitude, and blessings for you and your loved ones.

Ramadan calendar karachi 2024 pdf download

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